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Tradition states that long ago, on islands that are now under Moana, the deep blue sea, Shapeshifting Mo'o lived alongside Humans. It could sometimes be difficult to tell the difference.

Ahua, Son of Kumu, Ali'i Nui, must find a Human girl to be his Wife, though just getting a date to tonight's Luau would be nice. Ahua has travelled to a mysterious island to find his Wahine.

-Press E to interact with items and Wahines

-Press G to give them gifts

-Press C to crouch and inspect for Mo'os

-WASD to walk

-Press SPACE to jump

-Hold shift to run

Model Design

Harley Kuklinski

Music and Sound FX



Tristin Daum


Robert Rielly


Esiris Kayab Lyons

Waveform Modulations